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Our Mission

To allow our experts to serve faster, correct and on time

When it comes to selecting a business partner to give you the right assistance for your VAT compliance, the type and quality of the service offered is important; but it’s not just what this partner does that drives the difference between customer satisfaction and customer happiness - it’s their character that counts.

“The character and passion at amavat® is best expressed through our mission of being our clients most trusted business partner and consistently exceeding their expectations. We achieve this by combining our experience, expertise and through leadership with integrity, objectivity, and our ever-expanding resources and capabilities. amavat® intend to continually grow our partnerships and integrations to enhance our market position throughout Europe and to maximise our ability to Invest in People, Technology, Innovative Solutions, and Infrastructure.”

Claus Frank Founding Partner

The reach of our ‘Passion for Business’ permeates to all our member partner firms, through continuous training and access to start-of-the-art technology.

And last but not least, it means our commitment to highly competitive and reasonable fees.

Our Clients

‘Passion for Business’ drives our actions

To become a highly regarded VAT compliance company within the EU, amavat® must improve; be unwavering in further sharpening our focus on the client, and learn to assess client needs early on and to go above and beyond meeting those expectations whenever possible. That’s why we consistently review our service behaviour, as well as our services and solutions according our QM System.

We are aware of the responsibility that we have towards our clients. They give us their trust, and we neither want nor are we allowed to breach that trust. We adhere to all legal requirements when acquiring or providing services to our clients. Our clients’ data is received, processed and used solely in accordance with our policies and respective local laws.

amavat® view our clients as partners who determine the success of our company, therefore we must satisfy our clients wishes and help to solve their problems for they are the guarantors of our future. Our services and solutions must offer clear benefits to our clients in particular with regard to quality, technical capability, range and availability. Our aim is, to be quicker and better than the competition, and we must prove this to our clients on a daily basis.