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Intrastat Filing & Compliance

Businesses are required to file Intrastat declarations if despatches or acquisitions of goods are above thresholds for each country

There are annual reporting thresholds for each country within the EU, see our Intrastat Filing Thresholds. They can also be different for dispatches from country (sales) vs. arrivals (purchases) within the same country. These thresholds are much higher than the VAT registration thresholds.

Intrastat reporting is virtually always monthly across the EU Member States. Filings are normally take on at the same time as the VAT Return, and are sent to the proper statistical office for the country which it relates to.

How should you send us your Intrastats?

Simply send the appropriate member firm of amavat® a copy of your invoices for incoming and outgoing supplies for the last 10 months. The Intrastats should be submitted to the relevant authorities according to the official dates set out by each country.

What services do the selected Member Firms of amavat® provide?

  • The Intrastats are filled in and directly submitted to the relevant authorities by our staff,
  • They verify the compliance of the invoices and the transactions using software (you can find out more about EC Sales Lists (ESL) with Intrastat on this page),
  • They check for double entries,
  • They verify the VAT numbers of your customers (depending on the country),
  • They can provided you with the statistics, if required.

What do you get in return?

After completing the Instrastat, prior to filing your VAT return, you will receive a summary per submitted invoice:

  • The invoice number,
  • The VAT value,
  • The settlement of the VAT so that you can manage your local VAT returns,
  • Additional remarks, if necessary.

To summarise the amavat® Intrastat service:

  • Monitor thresholds to make sure you submit all the obligatory reports and meet your compliance obligations;
  • Submit declarations to all the required EU Member States;
  • Can give advice on ‘Commodity Codes’ in order to make certain reports conform to regulations;
  • Support you with more difficult declarations (i.e. where thresholds vary between EU Member States, and Inco-terms and Statistical Values require to be reported).

amavat® additional services:

Being compliant is a top priority, this is why amavat® offer further assistance to keep you on track.

We can help you create an Intrastat return or notification, after separate order at €250.00 per statement.

Then it is important to monitor sales with regards to current Intrastat reporting threshold, after separate assignment for deliveries to EU countries for which amavat® has no mandate agreement, we can set this up at €15.00 per month.