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ES Izjava o prodaji (ESL)

What is the EC Sales List (ECSL)?

As businesses expand their international operations, they often become involved in trade with partners in other EU countries. The EC Sales List is an additional report that must be filed as part of the tax obligations for cross-border transactions within the EU.

These lists, which are filed monthly or quarterly, provide details of sales or transfers of goods and services to other VAT-registered companies in other EU Member States. ECSL in the EU allow tax offices to confirm that all parties correctly and fully declare VAT in cross-border transactions.

Why is ECSL important?

The ECSL is a tool that allows tax authorities to monitor and verify that VAT is being correctly accounted for by operators engaged in cross-border activities in the EU. The list provides detailed information on sales or transfers of goods and services between VAT-registered businesses in different EU Member States.

What are the benefits of using amavat®'s ECSL services?

At amavat®, we offer a full ECSL service. Our experienced team of specialists will take care of all the details so you can focus on growing your business.

Our service includes:

  • Completion and electronic submission of the ECSL to the tax authorities,
  • Verification of the transaction report using our sophisticated software,
  • Verification that customers' VAT numbers match the country key,
  • Calculating statistical values and other necessary data,
  • Providing a detailed summary of transactions.

The EC Sales List (ECSL) is an important tool in the area of international transactions within the EU. For businesses operating in different member states, proper ECSL reporting is important to maintain tax compliance and avoid misunderstandings with the tax authorities.

If you are trading across borders in the EU, ECSL can be an important part in your tax strategy.

At amavat®, we are ready to assist you in this area by providing professional and comprehensive ECSL services.

Contact us to find out more about effective tax management for international transactions.